Titans logo This is a drone photo of the front of the entire building. This is a look at the main stairwell going from 2nd to 3rd floor with a view of the natural lighting in the ceilings. This is a look at the lecture hall and media center entrances. Our Lecture hall can accommodate 100 people. A quick look at the library set up This is a look at the indoor track around the gym. Our PE classes and athletes use it for conditioning when it's too cold outside for the football track. This is a picture of the beautiful gym floor. We have a full size court on the upper right and a practice court on the upper left as well. This is a look at the upper full court gym. We play a lot of freshman games up here. Our awesome, blue tennis courts! Sign for the performing arts center This is our beautiful auditorium with balcony seating. There is room for 933 people.

Rock the Ridge!

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Welcome to Thunder Ridge

Thursday's schedule:
1st 8:40-9:27
2nd 9:31-10:17
3rd 10:25-11:11
4th 11:15-12:01
Lunch 12:01-12:36
5th 12:40-1:26
6th 1:30-2:15
Assembly and Street Fair 2:15-3:48


The Thunder Ridge High School Newspaper "The Oracle" is ready!!!  It will constantly be updating, so please check it out with this link!



Alex Boye' will be here in concert on June 7th at 7pm in the auditorium. Seating begins at 6:30. Cost is $12-28. Advanced purchase seating can be found here. 


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Contact Information

Thunder Ridge High School
4941 1st Street
Idaho Falls ID 83401

Phone: (208) 523-4739
Attendance: (208) 525-4456
Counseling: (208) 525-4475
Cafeteria: (208) 525-4458
Email: mackintj@d93.k12.id.us

After Hours Emergency Maintenance
Mike Davis: (208) 227-9662

Ap 5th Annual Honor Role Recipient
Thunder Ridge High School
Idaho Falls, ID 83401
Phone: 208-523-4739