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College and Career

Last Updated: 5/9/2019 7:20 PM


The College and Career Counselors at Thunder Ridge are here to help your student prepare for all aspects of their post secondary education.  They are available for face to face meetings with students during school hours.  Students can also request appointments using our online appointment request form.  


We also have a Google Classroom resource available for all grades. This resource houses all information pertaining to scholarships, college applications, enrollment deadlines, college placement information, work opportunities, career exploration, resources and more. 


Thunder Ridge 2020 Graduating Class - Google Classroom  -  code 84smf4

Thunder Ridge 2021 Graduating Class - Google Classroom  -  code m2lpdu

Thunder Ridge 2022 Graduating Class - Google Classroom  -  code zfsqxe4

Thunder Ridge 2023 Graduating Class - Google Classroom  -  code bhb420





Link to Google Classroom

Post secondary resources available through our TRHS Google Classroom 


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